About Us

Whether you are starting out and want to get active or have goals that you would like to achieve, the team at the Hub look forward to meeting you. We offer flexible gym hours, low cost membership and personal training with programmes tailor-made to you.

Terms & Conditions:

In return for receiving access to “BOI Fitness Hub”, I agree to follow all safety rules and recommendations in the fitness centre, and in particular the following: 

  1. No equipment may be used in any non-standard way; all equipment to be used according to the instructions provided and in a normal safe way. 
  2. All safety procedures will be followed. 
  3. Exercise only within you own safe limitations. 
  4. Suitable footwear and clothing must be worn in the fitness centre. 
  5. No children under the age of fourteen to be allowed in the Fitness Centre 
  6. No person to use any equipment they have not been shown how to use correctly and competently. 
  7. Collars to be used on all bars when used. 
  8. Please keep the Fitness Centre door closed at all times.  LET NO ONE into the gym. 
  9. Please do not allow anyone into the fitness centre that is not a member. 
  10. Please ensure the lights are switched off before leaving 
  11. Please bring a towel and use it to protect our benches and seats. 
  12. Please put all rubbish in the bins provided 




reception H0urs

Monday-Friday: 8 am – 12:30 npm | 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Saturday: 9am – 12:30 pm

member H0urs

Monday – Sunday: 6 am – 8 pm  (Later Hours by Arrangement)

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