The below rules and disclaimers are written based on Health and Safety requirements at BOI Fitness Hub Limited. In return for receiving access you agree to;

1. Do not use equipment that you have not been shown how to use correctly.

2.Equipment to be used according to the instructions provided.

3.Collars to be used on all bars.

4. Equipment put back in place after use.

5. Follow all safety procedures.

6.Exercise within your own limitations.

7. Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn at all times.

8. No children under 14 years allowed in fitness center.

9. Under 16 years old is to be accompanied by an Adult at all times.

10. Let no one into the gym, your membership contract states this.

11.Keep door closed at all times.

12. Lights, TV’s and Air Con to be switched off if you are last to leave.

13. Bring a towel and water bottle.